How it Works

Whether you’re an NGO or an individual, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to make a difference

Start a Campaign

Request A Campaign
An NGO/Individual submits a request to start a campaign. The request is reviewed by the team.
Set Up Campaign
If approved, the NGO/individual will receive a call from one of our campaign managers within one week to set up the campaign.
Campaign Page Live
The fundraiser page is made live, allowing donors to donate towards the cause listed as per the NGO/individuals requirements.
Funds Raised
Once a considerable amount have been donated. The NGO/Individuals can request for the withdrawal. In 2-5 working days it will be settled.

Common Questions

How does FundTheNeedy work?
With FundTheNeedy you can start your online fundraiser by first telling your story and setting a fundraising goal. Once you have setup your first fundraiser it will have its own dedicated page that you can share the link with friends, family and others around the world who may want to support your cause.

It is very easy to get started with FundTheNeedy, the only platform that provides charities to fundraise online with a simple, low cost and secure process.

Raising money for yourself or a loved one can now be done quickly and simply – for any questions or if you are still unsure – just drop us an email at

What can I start a fundraiser for?
FundTheNeedy can be used to raise funds for charities, schools, medical expenses, individual expenses, start-up business, mission trips, pets and any legitimate, worthy cause that others may want to help see happen.

If you want to start a fundraiser for a good cause and want to be sure that you can use FundTheNeedy to help get the word out, send us an email at

How do I get the funds?
You can easily request a withdrawal at anytime once your fundraiser begins to raise money. Once you have requested a withdrawal the money will be transferred to the bank account you specify. Bank transfers take 2-5 business days.
How does FundTheNeedy keep fundraisers safe?
FundTheNeedy is powered by the very best in payment security technology. Donor’s payments are safe and all funds are stored securely in one of the top retail banks.
What if I do not reach my fundraising goal?
Do not worry; you can keep any funds raised for your cause whether you reach the fundraising goal or not. Once the goal is reached, the progress meter on your fundraiser will show that you have received more than your goal amount. If you’d like to continue raising money, you can keep your fundraiser running for as long as you’d like.
My question is not in the list, what do I do?
Please email us at if you have a question we have not answered here.

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