Support fatherless- daughters education

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Kottayam, India


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Fellow partners, do you know that education is the vaccine for violence? Healing the world and making it a better place is not only a motivational song by Michael Jackson; it is a dream for many good-hearted people. Education can make the world a better place.

After three years of continuous doctor visits, diet restrictions, low salt foods, and pain, Jojo has passed away from kidney failure disease.

Losing a husband is one of the most painful experiences. Jojo’s wife works hard to make ends meet. She has a great burden on her shoulders. Her three growing daughters are now fatherless.

Due to the sudden loss, financial conditions have gotten worse in Jojo’s family. His wife is not able to send her daughters to school. Her oldest child is in ninth grade, her middle child is in seventh grade, and her youngest child is in fifth grade.

Your kind donations can create a better world for these three potential girls. Your help can heal them.

Education is the only key to empowering girls.

For the Year 2023-2024


100000- is to be paid to continue their schooling.


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