Lets fuel a dream Donate a School Bag.

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Baramulla J&K, India


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Let’s fuel a dream

Greetings to you from Nayi Kiran! My Self Founder  Javed 

It’s cold and damp here in Nilsar Kandi. The Nilsar Kandi area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district has bad road conditions. Locals’ lives are miserable because of large potholes and bumpy road conditions.

Both Chountipathri and Babareshi villages are covered by dense forests and situated in the border area of Baramulla, where girls are not permitted to leave their homes and, hence, do not have access to schools. Lack of transportation, bad roads, and infrastructure add more inconvenience.

We, Nayi Kiran, provide free education to ST children, provide livelihood support to orphans and downtrodden children, and work on overall community empowerment.

We work tirelessly to make education a fundamental right for children, especially the underprivileged. Education is not only necessary for a society’s progress and prosperity; it is also essential to mould individual behaviour, attitude, and outlook. Education is thus vital both for human development and social transformation. Educating a girl is equivalent to educating a future family.

At Nayi Kiran, we have decided to provide 500 school bags for children so that they get the motivation to come to school. School bags carry not just books; they carry emotions and dreams. You and I know it well. On the first day of school reopening after the holidays, it is our beautiful school bags with many compartments that motivate us to pack and go to school.

In our case, along with the motivation part, school bags prevent children from carrying books in plastic covers. Carrying a pile of books in their hands in a damp and cold environment can create muscle tension and cause the books and notebooks to get wet too.

If you have read this letter until this line, it just means you have enjoyed the privilege of getting an education. Now let’s help our younger generation enjoy this privilege.

You can either donate to us to take part in this life-changing cause or donate directly to the bag manufacturer.

Let’s fuel a dream.


  • 16-01-2023

    Thanks for your support


  • 14-01-2023

    Appreciate your compassion

    <p>appreciate your compassion towards the needy</p>


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