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We take Onus about our only NGO working for the welfare of the Homeless, aged and Dying Citizens of our Country.

#Destitution is a state of poverty so severe that one lacks the means to provide for oneself. Without any help, care or love the person goes into a deplorable condition and are often found helpless, sick or dying on the road. Good Samaritans India is working towards giving such people the required help by providing them with food, shelter and health-care.

We Rescue We Rejoin We Rehabilitate..

As little as ₹10 could provide a meal for 1 Person You can donate any No. of Meals . Every contribution, no matter what amount, goes into preparing and distributing a meal for an homeless aged abandoned citizen of our country.  With this, you can help make sure a homeless person survives to see another day of dignity and hope. This initiative will also help keep the lights on in the lives of the daily wage labors instead  leave thousands of workers unemployed.

What are we doing?
Good Samaritans India, Home for the Homeless aged abandoned dying people.

  • We responding to the citizens call about any homeless person identified and reach out to them rescue them and help them transform themselves, a major marathon start up with some aged abandoned. We do help them in the later stages of their live and ensure for a decent funeral.
  • Some of them are mentally challenged after their treatment is done they are rejoined with their families Pan India, most of them are migrant workers.
  • The Unattended patient from the Govt Hospitals are been shifted to our NGO for their after Care.. once they are fit to leave we drop them at their native places mostly migrants with all necessary been done to them.
  • Working parallelly with the Govt Helpline and other Helpline we are collaborated as official rescue partners for them and do rescue even the dying homeless people too irrespective of the age, caste , creed. Humanity as Motto.
  • On average of one rescue a day we rescue almost 550-700 people annually, we reunite around 200 people and 200 people we perform last rites with all due respect.

With your support, We aim to feed nutritious food to all the sick , dying , homeless, abandoned aged citizens of our country.  Ensuring no one dies of Hunger.
An estimated 600 daily meals across all our branches for the coming year.2020-2021.
Presently we are serving 250 residents at all our four branches across the State of Telangana.

Your support can strengthen our work to rescue more people ensure no one dies of Hunger. ..

Thank You so Much
God Bless You !


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