Assist John in Educating his Children

by Good Samaritans India

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Secundrabad, India

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Assist John in educating his children

My name is John. I have a beautiful family of two children and my wife. My daughter is in intermediate, and my son is in 9th grade. Things were normal in my life until 2018. It was then that I felt uneasy, and later I was taken to the hospital only to learn that I have blockages in my heart and was advised to undergo stenting for my heart. I had three stents. From then on, I couldn’t do any hard work. My situation was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. I struggled so much. I sold many of my household items to buy food for my family. To make ends meet, I borrowed as well. Because of this financial crisis, my wife works and supports the family. But this is not sufficient for us. I could tell my health was deteriorating. I’m helpless. I somehow managed to join my daughter in intermediate after her 10th grade. But I couldn’t pay her fees for the past year. After several chances from the school, the administration has now warned me to pay the fees by March 2023.

I need your support to educate my children.


The psychological distress felt by family members of a sick father often results in feelings of helplessness and lack of control. Many emotions like guilt, anger, worry, frustration, embarrassment, despair, and loss are part of their daily routine for them. The fear of death and sickness often makes family members numb. Children often lose parental control and love during this time.


For children with a sick family member, Good Samaritans India provides them both short- and long-term care. This includes their basic needs, education, and healthcare, as well as the skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens. We are based in Secunderabad. Help John educate his children.


Education helps children to understand the situation, support the family, and encourage their mother. Education is a powerful tool for combating poverty and unemployment. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Poverty and ignorance are the worst of all possible combinations. But your generous and hearty charity can help John’s children get away from this terrible combo. No one has ever become poor from giving.

About the Beneficiary Organization

Good Samaritan’s India

In an attempt to expand and reach the vulnerable poor with hardly access to any medical or financial source. we have started to focus on the projects for the same.


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