Assist Ahmed in Educating his Boys, Taj & Ismail.

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Santoshnagar, India


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My name is Ahmed. I have two brilliant, energetic boys and my wife as my family. I was previously working as a driver. But due to my age and my impaired vision, I couldn’t continue to drive. So I started a small business. My paper plate-making industry was smooth. I stayed at home and was able to run this business successfully. I got my stock, and orders were flowing. Things were fine until the pandemic. The price I have had to pay for it is losing my business. I couldn’t pay for the EMIs. My machinery got blocked, and everything got seized from the bank. I came back to square one. Nothing was left behind to motivate me. I felt lost and powerless. I was so depressed. I even tried to commit suicide. I sold everything to get food for the family. My intelligent boys have completed their 10th grade in 2018 and 2019. While things are falling apart, I decided to go back to my old profession, driving. I helped my boys get into the operation technician course. I need them to stand on their own and stay professionally stable. All my efforts are not enough.

I need your support in educating my boys.


Sometimes, even to merely breathe and live is an act of courage. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to how we live our lives, and with it, at times, uncertainty, altered daily routines, financial pressures, and social isolation. We were afraid of getting sick, of how long the pandemic would last, of losing our jobs, and of what the future would bring. Information overload, rumors, and misinformation made us feel like life was out of control. This same feeling took a toll on Ahmed’s mental health. Since his children are energetic and intelligent enough to pursue their education, all they need is a gentle push and a little financial help. The cycle of poverty will end. They can repay their father, who struggled to raise them until now.


For children who have sick and depressed fathers, Good Samaritans India provides them both short- and long-term care. This includes their basic needs, educational support, healthcare, and the resources required to provide them with a firm foundation on which to stand on their own two feet. Education makes one easy to govern but impossible to enslave. Ahmed’s sons now require education in order to become men of value in the future. Give them the opportunity to be responsible for themselves.

Ahmed needs your help. Donate and make a difference.


Being a young person in the 21st century is hard. Yes, you have read it right. The world in which they are growing and developing is constantly evolving. The pressure to match the exceptionally unrealistic needs of society can be crushing. To get the right discipline, encouragement, and guidance, one needs education. Your kind donations can help Ahmed’s children become vibrant, energetic, and responsible.



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